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The 34th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle
June 10–June 13, 2004
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

Final Program

(All sessions will be held in the Philosophy Department Conference Room, 204 New North)


Thursday, June 10:


8:30-9:00 Registration and Coffee

Session I

Moderator: John Brough (Georgetown University)

9:00-9:15 Welcome

9:15-9:45 Daniel J. Dwyer (Xavier University), “Kant and Husserl on the Dialectical Temptations of Modern Reason” 9:45-9:55 Commentator: Mary Jeanne Larrabee (DePaul University) 9:55-10:15 Discussion

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:00 James Mensch (Saint Francis Xavier University), “Manifestation and the Paradox of Subjectivity” 11:00-11:10 Commentator: Patrick Knowles (Independent Scholar) 11:10-11:30 Discussion

11:30-11:45 Break

11:45-12:15 Abraham D. Stone (University of Chicago), “Why Heidegger and Carnap Reacted Violently Against Husserl” 12:15-12:25 Commentator: Thomas Nenon (University of Memphis) 12:25-12:45 Discussion

12:45-2:15 Lunch

Session II:

Moderator: Dermot Moran (University College Dublin)

2:15-2:45 Henning Peucker (Boston and Cologne), “Husserl’s Criticism of Kantian Ethics” 2:45-2:55 Commentator: Christopher Arroyo (Fordham University) 2:55-3:15 Discussion

3:15-3:25 Break

3:25-3:55 John J. Drummond (Fordham University), “Value-Predicates and Value-Properties” 3:55-4:05 Commentator: Kem D. Crimmins (Fordham University) 4:05-4:25 Discussion

4:30-5:00 Dennis E. Skocz (Independent Scholar), “Husserl and the Paradox of ‘European’ Science” 5:00-5:10 Commentator: Burt Hopkins (Seattle University) 5:10-5:30 Discussion

5:30-6:45 Reception


Friday, June 11:


8:30-9:00 Coffee

Session III

Moderator: Thomas Nenon (University of Memphis)

9:00-9:30 Gary Banham (Manchester Metropolitan University), “Formal Ontology, Intentional Contents and Intentional Objects” 9:30-9:40 Commentator: Thane Naberhaus (Georgetown University) 9:40-10:00 Discussion

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:45 Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University), “Authenticity and Apriorism in Husserl’s ‘Logical Investigations’” Commentator: John McCarthy (The Catholic University of America) 10:55-11:15 Discussion

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30-12:00 Matthew Morgan (Duquesne University), “The Sign of Signs: Husserl’s Semiotics in Expression and Meaning” 12:00-12:10 Commentator: Paul Gyllenhammer (St John’s University) 12:10-12:30 Discussion

12:30-2:00 Lunch

Session IV


2:00-2:30 Dermot Moran (University College Dublin), “Husserl’s Phenomenology of Perception” 2:30-2:40 Commentator: William McKenna (Miami University of Ohio) 2:40-3:00 Discussion

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-3:45 Juha Himanka (University of Helsinki), “The Origin of the Spatiality of Nature” 3:45-3:55 Commentator: Patrick Heelan (Georgetown University) 3:55-4:15 Discussion

4:15-4:30 Break

4:30-5:00 Elizabeth A. Behnke (Betsy) (Study Project in Phenomenology of the Body), “Body-as-Constituting/Body-as-Constituted: An Experiment in Phenomenological Practice (V)” 5:00-5:30 Discussion

5:30-6:45 Reception


Saturday, June 12:


9:00-9:30 Coffee

Session V:

Moderator: Burt Hopkins (Seattle University)

9:30-10:00 Rosemary R. P. Lerner (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), “The Situation of the ‘Beginning Philosopher’: Dilemmas regarding First Philosophy and ‘First Evidence’” 10:00-10:10 Commentator: Antonio Zirion Quijano (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico) 10:10-10:30 Discussion

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15 Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University), “Intrinsic and Extrinsic Existence, e.g., of What is Traveled, Reflectively Analyzed” 11:15-11:25 Commentator: Jeremy Smith (Otterbein College) 11:25-11:45 Discussion

11:45-1:30 Lunch

Session VI

Moderator: John J. Drummond (Fordham University)

1:30-2:00 Nicolas de Warren (Wellesley College), “Präsenzzeit” for Husserl’s Inner Time-Consciousness” 2:00-2:10 Commentator: Robert Jordan (Colorado State University) 2:10-2:30 Discussion

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-3:15 Heath Massey (University of Memphis), “Enduring Constitutions: Investigations into the Consciousness of Time by Husserl and Bergson” 3:15-3:25 Commentator: Michael Kelly (Fordham University) 3:25-3:45 Discussion 3:45-4:00 Break

4:00-4:30 Christian Lotz (University of Kansas), “From Recollection to Mourning: On Husserl and Derrida” 4:30-4:40 Commentator: Nicolas de Warren (Wellesley College) 4:40-5:00 Discussion

5:00-5:30 Business Meeting

5:30-6:45 Reception


Sunday, June 13


9:15-9:30 Coffee

Session VII

Moderator: William McKenna (Miami University of Ohio)

9:30-10:00 Michael Andrews (Seattle University), “The (Unfinished) Task of Disclosing Reality: Revisiting the Transcendental Reduction in Cartesian Meditations I-IV” 10:00-10:10 Commentator: Timothy Davis (Essex Community College) 10:10-10:30 Discussion

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15 Peter Costello (St. Peter’s College), “The Flesh of the Transcendental Ego, the Life of the Life-World” 11:15-11:25 Commentator: Algis Mickunas (Ohio University) 11:25-11:45 Discussion



As mentioned in the earlier announcement of the meeting, dormitory rooms with private bath will be available on the Georgetown campus for each day of the meeting. The rooms include linens and towels (these will not be changed daily; laundry facilities are available). The rate is $55 per night plus 14.5% tax. If you wish to reserve a dorm room and have not already done so, please contact John Brough ( by the end of May. The dorm rooms represent adequate accommodations and certainly offer the least expensive housing option. If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, there are several within walking distance of the Georgetown campus. These are listed below. (Their rates vary, but should be between $160 and $200 per night. Reservations should be made as soon as possible, since June is a busy month in Washington.)

Nearby Hotels:

Georgetown University Conference Center and Guest House
(The guest house is a hotel run by Marriott and is located in the Leavey
Center on the Georgetown campus; unfortunately, because of a mass
booking made over a year ago, no rooms are available in the Guest House
for Saturday night, June 12.)

Address: In the Georgetown University Leavey Center, near 3800 Reservoir
Rd., NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone number: (202) 687-3200

Key Bridge Marriot
Address: 1401 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone number: (703) 524-6400

Holiday Inn- Georgetown
Address: 2101 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20007
Phone number: (202) 3384600

Holiday Inn- Key Bridge
Address: 1900 N. Fort Myer Dr.
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone number: (703) 807-2000

Georgetown Inn
Address: 1310 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, DC 20007
Phone number: (202) 333-8900

Georgetown Suites
Address: 1111 30th Street, NW
Washington, DC
Phone number: (202) 298-7800

For those in the mood for elegance, there is a Ritz-Carlton Hotel and a Four Seasons Hotel in the Georgetown neighborhood, both within walking distance of the University.



Letter from the Secretary and Call for Papers 2004

September 17, 2003

Dear Colleague,

The 33rd annual meeting of the Husserl Circle at Fordham University this past June in New York City was an immense success. Special thanks are in order to Convenor John Drummond, who did a superb job of assembling a first-rate program and attending to the every need of the 40 members and friends of the Circle in attendance. The level of discussion was once again very high. Three European colleagues participated in the Husserl Circle for the first-time: Rudolf Bernet (Lovain), Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), and Mark van Atten (Lovain).

All the above named were duly elected into the Circle at the Business meeting. In addition, the following were also welcomed into the Circle as new members:

Michael Andrews, Seattle University
Christopher Arroyo, Fordham University
Peter Costello, St. Peter's College
Kem Crimmins, Fordham University
Norman Brian Cubbage, Jefferson Community College
Nicolas DeWarren , Wellesley College
Michael Kelly, Fordham University
Len Lawlor, Memphis University
Thane Naberhaus, Georgetown University
Michael Shim, Denison University
Dennis Skocz, Independent Scholar

The members in attendance voted to accept John Brough’s invitation to host the 2004 meeting of the Circle at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., next June 10-12. A letter with information about the meeting from John is enclosed. Information about the meeting will be posted and periodically updated on the Circle’s web site (

The members also voted to accept Dermot Moran’s invitation to host the 2005 meeting at University College, Dublin, Ireland.

Lester Embree’s proposal, that the Circle join the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations (OPO), whose annual dues are $25, was approved by the members.

Following a discussion of the selection of papers for meetings and the structure of the program, the following motions were approved:

That in the selection of papers for the program, precedence should be given to complete papers over abstracts;

That the time limit of 30 minutes for presentations be strictly adhered to;

That the Convenor of the annual meeting, at her or his discretion, has the option of forming a Program Committee to assist him or her in the formation of the program. Given the recent trend toward an increase both in the number and quality of submissions noted by recent Convenors, this option was deemed advisable in the eventuality that the number of quality submissions exceeds the number of presentation slots on the program.

With best wishes,

Burt Hopkins


Dear Members and Friends of the Husserl Circle,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2004 meeting of the Husserl Circle. The details of the meeting are noted below.

Dates: Thursday, June 10 through Sunday, June 13
Location: Georgetown University
37th and O Streets, NW
Washington, D.C.

Should you wish to participate in the meeting by delivering a paper, the deadline for submissions is March 15, 2004.

Papers should have a reading time of no more than 30 minutes. Anyone wishing to submit a paper should send it (or a substantial abstract) directly to me (either by e mail or regular mail) so that it is received by the deadline. Happily, the number of submitted papers has been growing with each meeting, but that also means that decisions may have to be made about which papers to include. We will try to announce those decisions by mid-April.

There are a number of reasonably priced hotels (for a big city) in or near the Georgetown area. Details about their rates and availability will be posted on the Husserl Circle website ( by the end of February. I have also reserved thirty single rooms with private bath in a modern dorm on campus (double rooms will also be available) for $55 a night. If you are interested in reserving one of these rooms, please contact me directly.

My best wishes, and I look forward to seeing you in Washington in June of 2004.


John B. Brough
Professor and Convenor
34th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle

e-mail address: Telephone: 202 687-7504

Mailing Address: John B. Brough
Department of Philosophy
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057


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