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Next Husserl Circle Meeting,
Marquette 2008

Update (May 20, 2008)

The program of the 2008 conference in Milwaukee has now been finalized; please see it enclosed in this letter.  You will find in the link below all the necessary information regarding travel and lodging.  For practical purposes, in order to know how many proceedings to print and to plan ahead for the official events and receptions, we would need to know how many people will attend.  Hence, could you let us know, if you are not part of the program, whether or not you plan to visit the conference? 

For all participants, could you let us know when you plan to arrive in Milwaukee and depart?   Here is the link to the conference website:

If you have any questions, please contact us either by phone or email.  Pol Vandevelde's email is and he can be reached by phone at 414-288-5962. Sebastian Luft’s email address is and he can by reached by phone at 414-897-0769.

We look forward to welcoming you to Milwaukee this June!  Thank you all for helping to make this conference a success.

Sebastian Luft  &  Pol Vandevelde


Click on this link for the .pdf file


HC Secretary,
Feb 10, 2007

Dear Colleague,  

Mid-winter greetings!  
In addition to including the 2008 announcement of the annual dues for membership in the Husserl Circle, this communication includes updated information about our next meeting, June 26-29, at Marquette University, Milwaukee Wisconsin.  

Dues: Included as an enclosure you will find a 2008 dues statement that reflects the current status of your membership. NB: You may renew your Husserl Circle dues with your credit card. To do so, go to, click on the PayPal link and follow the simple instructions.  

2008 Meeting Web Site: the Convenors have created a web site for the conference:    

With best wishes,  
Burt Hopkins Secretary

HC Secretary,
October 9, 2007  

Dear Colleague,

The 37th annual meeting of the Husserl Circle held in Prague this past April, in conjunction with the Jan Patočka centennial conference, was an immense success. Special thanks are in order to Convenor Ivan Chvatík, who did a superb job of assembling a first-rate program and attending to the every need of the many members and friends of the Circle in attendance. The level of presentation and discussion was once again very high. The following were welcomed into the Circle as new members:
Adam Konopka, Fordham University
Marina Barbabas, Prague
Janet Donohoe, The State University of West Georgia
Josef Fulka, Charles University, Prague
Josef Moural, Center for Theoretical Study, Prague
Rochus Sowa, Husserl Archive, Leuven
Andres Colapinto, State University New York, Stony Brook
Ondrej Svec, Prague
Daniel Lipka, Poland
Robert Tragesser, USA
Mirja Hartimo, University of Tampere
Alexander Kozin, Germany
Theimo Breyer, Germany
Panos Theodoro, University of Crete (Rethymnon), Greece
The next meeting of the Husserl Circle will take place at Marquette University, June 26-29, with Sebastian Luft and Pol Vandevelde convening the meeting. A letter from the convenors is enclosed. The members at the business meeting in Prague also voted to accept Mark van Atten’s invitation to host the 2009 meeting of the Circle at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Paris, and James Dodd’s invitation to the host the 2010 Circle meeting at the New School for Social Research, New York City.
With best wishes,
Burt Hopkins

Next Husserl Circle Meeting,
Marquette 2008

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This letter is to invite you to attend the 38th International Husserl Circle Conference, which will take place on the campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee on June 26-29, 2008. 
We also encourage you to submit a paper for a talk, either in abstract or full paper submission.  We prefer electronic submissions (by email, either to Sebastian or to Pol, see email addresses below).  The deadline for submissions is March 1 and speakers will be notified by April 7.  Please limit your talk to 20-30 minutes and commentators have ca. 10 minutes to respond, to leave ample time for discussion.  In the case of an acceptance, we will be asking you to submit your full paper ca. one month ahead of the conference to include it in the booklet that will be made available to all participants.  We are expecting a good number of paper submissions; hence, in the event that we have too many submissions to include in the program, we will give preference to full papers over abstracts.  We also ask you to identify yourself in your submissions, as we intend to include a significant percentage of graduate students or scholars who have not yet presented at the Husserl Circle.  If you are willing to also serve as a commentator for another paper and/or chair a session, please indicate that with your application.  You are also welcome to only serve as commentator or session chair; please let us know if you would be able to attend and willing to take over one of these functions.
As additional feature, we are planning to have a session (3-4 papers) from undergraduate students.  Hence, please pass this call for papers on to the undergraduates at your institutions who you think are qualified to give a talk.
We have arranged lodging in the beautifully renovated Ambassador Hotel, which is walking distance from campus.  We have negotiated a room block for the weekend of June 26-29 starting at $ 89 per night.  To make reservations, please call toll free at (888) 322-3326 or visit  When making a reservation, please mention the Marquette University conference rate.  We will also provide student dormitory housing (multi-occupancy rooms) at a lower rate.  More information on this will follow in a later letter.  The Marquette campus is walking distance to downtown with its sites, museums and restaurants. Milwaukee is a city of 600,000 inhabitants located on the shore of Lake Michigan eighty miles north of Chicago.  Milwaukee’s Airport, Mitchell International, is served by several airlines.  Another option is to fly in to Chicago; there are several ways of traveling from Chicago to Milwaukee (buses, Amtrak).  For further information on how to reach Milwaukee, please visit
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email ( or
We look forward to welcoming you in Milwaukee next year and to hosting another excellent conference!
Sebastian Luft  &  Pol Vandevelde

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