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The last conference program, Bloomington 2001:

The Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle
(Kind Sponsors of the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle: Indiana University Philosophy Department; Indiana University Religious Studies Department; President's Council on International Programs; Vice-President's Contingency Fund; RUAD Research; Dean of Faculties Office, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Vice President-and Members like you who have paid their dues!)

Thursday, Feb.22, 2001
Indiana University
8:30 Registration (Conference Lounge IMU)
9:00: Welcoming Remarks (Frangipani Room)

9:15-10:15: Kathleen Haney, Moderator, Lester Embree, "Vegetable Constitution"
10:15-10:50: Discussion
10:50-11:00: Break
11:00-11:30: Piet Hut, "The Role of Husserl's Epoche for Science: A View from a Physicist"
11:30-12:15: General Discussion
12:15-1:30: Lunch
2:00-2:30: Burt Hopkins, Moderator, James Mensch, "Real and Ideal Determination in Husserl's Sixth Logical Investigation: Psychologism in the Most General Sense of the Term."
2:30-2:45: Comment: Algis Mikunis
2:45-3:30: Discussion
3:30-3:45: Break
3:45-4:10: Corinne Painter, Moderator, Alia Al-Saji, "Affect and Phenomenology: Sensations in Husserl's Ideas II"
4:10-4:30: Discussion
4:30-5:05: Ingo Farin: "Husserl, Natorp, and Heidegger on the Theoretical Attitude"
5:05-5:20: Discussion
5:20-5:45: Christian Lotz, "Changing Our Past?: Remembering and Renewal in Husserl's Phenomenology"
5:45-6:00: Discussion
6:00-7:00: Reception (Frangipani Room)

Friday, Feb. 23, 2001
Panel on Dan Zahavi, Self-Awareness and Alterity (Frangipani Room)
Moderator: Anthony Steinbock
9:00-9:30: John Brough on Zahavi's book
9:30-10:00: Richard Cobb-Stevens on Zahavi's book
10:00-10:15: Break
10:15-10:45: Dan Zahavi, Responses
10:45-12:00: Discussion
12:00-1:30: Lunch
1:30-2:00: James Dodd, "Evidence"
2:00-2:15: Comment
2:15-3:30: Discussion
3:30-3:45: Break
4:00-4:30: Marina Banchetti, Moderator, Mark Blum, "Phenomenological History and Phenomenological Structuralism"
4:30-5:30: Discussion
5:30-6:30: Reception (State Room West; clear Frangipani Room)
6:30: Dinner

Saturday, Feb 24, 2001
9:00-9:45: Ullrich Melle on the New Edition of Husserl's VI. Logical Investigation.
9:45-10:30: Discussion
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-11:15: George Heffernan, "Later Husserl's 'Sprachvergessenheit'"
11:15-11:30: Comment
11:30-12:00: Discussion
12:00-1:30: Lunch
1:30-2:00: John Drummond, "Respect as a Moral Emotion: A Phenomenological Approach"
2:00-2:15: Comment
2:15-3:30: Discussion
3:30-4:15: Elizabeth Behnke, Workshop: "The Immediacy of Primal Motility: An Experiment in the Phenomenological Practice (III)"
4:15-4:30: Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Commentator/Designated Experiencer
4:30-5:30: Discussion
5:30-6:30: BUSINESS MEETING (Oak Room)
6:30: Supper together at local restaurant.

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2001 (Oak Room)
9:00-9:30: Andrew Cutrofello, "Categorial Intuition Revisited"
9:30-9:45: Comment
9:45-10:30: Discussion
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-11:15: Nam-In Lee, "Concept of Primordiality in Husserl's Fifth Cartesian Meditation"
11:15-12:00: Discussion
Farewell, Gute Reise

Nota Bene: 1) All presentations should strive to be under thirty (30) minutes, thereby giving the membership something clear and concise to ruminate on and discuss; 2) all presenters having commentators are asked to get their papers to their commentators in time for their thoughtful perusal.


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