Husserl Circle

Next Husserl Circle Meeting: Graz 2013

Secretary's Letter

The 43nd annual meeting of the Husserl Circle held at Boston College this past June was an immense success. Special thanks are in order to Convenor Andrea Staiti, who did a superb job of assembling a first-rate program and attending to the every need of the many members and friends of the Circle in attendance. The level of presentation and discussion was once again very high.

At the Business Meeting in Boson the members voted to accept Smaranda Aldea’s invitation to convene the 2014 meeting at Darmouth College and Mirja Hartimo’s invitation to convene the 2015 meeting at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

The next meeting of the Husserl Circle will take place at Karl-Franzens University of Graz, June 20-22, 2013. A letter of invitation from Convenors Sonja Rinofner and Harald Wiltsche is below.

With best wishes,
Burt Hopkins
Permanent Secretary

Information and Call for Papers

Dear Members and Friends of the Husserl Circle,

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 44th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle will take place at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria, from June 20-22, 2013 (Thursday through Saturday).

The submission deadline is February, 1, 2013. The papers should have a reading time of no more than 30 minutes. Please send your submission via email (as an attachment) to the following addresses: and Decisions will be announced by March 1, 2013.

We decided to make minimal changes to the format of the last meetings: We will have 3 full days, a morning session with three papers, and an evening session with two papers. Every paper is complemented by a commentary of 10 minutes.

Let us also add some practical information concerning travelling and lodging: The city of Graz is Austria’s second biggest city and is located in the southern part of the country. However, since the airport of Graz is rather expensive, we advise to fly to Vienna and go to Graz by train. Vienna has direct connections to many North American destinations such as New York, Chicago or Toronto. Additionally, there are also good connections to all major European airports such as Frankfurt, London or Paris. Since it is only a two hour train ride between Vienna and Graz, these options are usually more attractive than to fly to Graz directly. (As a bonus, the train ride is very scenic and you will go past Kirchberg, the village where Ludwig Wittgenstein worked as a schoolteacher.)

We made special arrangements with three hotels that are located nearby the University Campus. You will be able to book a limited amount of rooms with different standards at reduced rates. Check the conference webpage for more detailed information.

In order to communicate practical information about travelling, lodging and local transport in a simple and straightforward way, we decided to set up a conference webpage. The address is Please visit this webpage for useful information. Or contact us via email, if you have any further questions.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Graz next June!


Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl & Harald A. Wiltsche