Husserl Circle

Over Thirty Years of Husserl Conferences in North America

The first Husserl Circle Conference was held at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri in June, 1969, through the initiative of José Huertas-Jourda, Algis Mickunas and F. Joseph Smith. The participants agreed that meetings should be held annually with the primary purpose of communication of phenomenological research and discussion of Husserl's philosophy. Subsequent to the Washington University conference in 1969, annual meetings of the Husserl Conference were hosted by many institutions all over the country.
Each year a member of the Circle of the hosting institution functions as the annual Convenor. Membership of the Circle has steadily increased and now includes the most notable Husserl scholars in North America and abroad.

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"Die zum Wesen der natürlichen Einstellung gehörige Generalthesis setzen wir außer Aktion, alles und jedes, was sie in ontischer Hinsicht umspannt, setzen wir in Klammern: [...] Tue ich so, wie es meine volle Freiheit ist, dann negiere ich diese 'Welt' also nicht, als wäre ich Sophist, ich bezweifle ihr Dasein nicht, als wäre ich Skeptiker."
(Husserl: Ideen I, Hua III/1, 65)

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We put out of action the general thesis, which belongs to the essence of the natural attitude; we bracket anything and everything that this thesis encompasses in an ontic respect: thus the whole natural world that is continually ‘there for us,’ ‘on hand,’ and that will always remain there for consciousness as an ‘actuality’ even if we choose to bracket it. . . . If I do so, as is my complete freedom, then I do not negate this ‘world’ as if I were a sophist, I do not doubt its existence as if I were a skeptic.
(Ideas I, 56; translation: M.Brainard).